iTalent Competition



The HRO Today Forum hosts the annual iTalent Competition.

Entries are accepted each year until September for companies to submit their technology around HR, recruiting or talent management. All iTalent entries are then validated and the top 10 entries are broadly promoted. The top five entries are then invited to compete in the iTalent Competition and each give a timed, 7-minute HR innovation pitch before the event audience and panel of HR technology experts, industry analysts, HR practitioners and technology investors.

Each iTalent pitch is assessed by our panel of experts, and after all presentations the judging panel and audience (at the event and via social media) vote to select the winner.

The iTalent winner receives a tailored package based on their needs to include:

  • A feature article in HRO Today magazine promoting the winning company and the innovative technology
  • Face-time with the judging panel including investors
  • One-on-one meetings with attending HR executives

Submissions are now closed.  Please check back for the 2016 competition.


iTalent 2015 Winner

Dustin Robinson, who pitched for Hello Talent, says:  “Hello Talent is the result of years of excellence in creating top-of-the-line HR products. Our product allows hiring managers, recruiters, headhunters, and even small businesses to engage in a collaborative recruiting process. With Hello Talent they can work together to source, aggregate and share candidate profiles – plus it’s absolutely free. We’re honored that the judges and senior HR audience at HRO Today Forum Europe chose Hello Talent as the winner for the competition.”  Congratulations to Hello Talent!


iTalent 2015 Finalists

More About the Finalists: 

  • Hung Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Workshape
    A Domain expert with 15 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, Hung Lee is an advisor on staffing to many of the top startups in
    London. He has led Talent Acquisition for BraveNewTalent, PeerIndex, Qriously & Thought Machine. He is now building – anext generation talent matching for tech employers.


  • Shane Gray, SVP Business Development and Sales, Clinch
    Shane Gray is the SVP Business Development and Sales for Clinch, the smarter recruitment marketing platform.
    A sales and marketing expert with 20 years’ experience in building successful businesses, he is passionate about helping companies achieve sustainable growth — a journey that starts with hiring the right people. Gray holds a degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Business from Trinity College, Dublin. In his downtime, he enjoys fly fishing and sailing, has aserious appetite for good food and by extension, loves cooking, too! You can get in touch with him on twitter @shanedgray or email
  • Olivier Vidal, Founder, Fair Hiring Project
    Olivier Vidal is the Founder of the Fair Hiring Project – a London based start-up that’s making hiring meritocratic. He is a former executive recruiter, with a past in Olympic sport and an interest in social-justice and scalable solutions.



  • Roderick Smyth, CEO, TempBuddy
    Roderick Smyth is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record in building ground-breaking technology start-ups for the recruitment industry. With over 20 years’ experience leading software companies, his latest venture, TempBuddy, seeks to change people’s lives for the better by making flexible work easier and more rewarding. As a business leader who started life as a developer, in Tempbuddy he has created an award-winning intuitive workforce management platform that gets the best people to the right place at the right time, paid promptly and accurately using smart mobile technology.
  • Dustin Robinson, Product Marketer, Hello Talent
    Dustin Robinson is an HR professional turned product marketer with a deep passion for all things tech and all things HR – making working in the HR technology space the perfect fit. After completing his master’s degree in HRM at Erasmus University, The Netherlands and spending three years working on strategic HR and recruiting at Talentsoft, he recently joined Talentsoft’s Hello Talent team and shifted his focus to product marketing. As part of Hello Talent he works with his colleagues to shape this innovative recruiting tool and determine the best way to share these innovations in the marketplace.
iTalent 2015 Moderator:      
Bill Boorman
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iTalent 2014 Winner
After a seven-minute live presentation at the event, our panel of expert judges awarded top honors to Saratoga Springs, NY-based provides cloud-based tools for predictive pre=employment screening technology. Currently, there are three modules: ChequedFit, a behavioral assessment tool; ChequedReference, an automated, competency-based reference-checking service; and ChequedInterview, a scorable and structured behavioral interview guide. Coming soon will be an ROI measurement tool called ChequedImpact.

iTalent 2014 Finalists


iTalent 2014 Moderator: boormanBill Boorman
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iTalent 2013 Winner

Pando – is designed for big data in the HRO space. It is a breakthrough technology that eliminates the need for new systems, integrates with any database or group of files, and is highly customizable. It allows for other big data to be integrated seamlessly and was designed to compare metrics and measures across HRO accounts for benchmarking.

Faye Holland, Managing Director, SharedXpertise (owner of the HRO Today Forum Europe), explained:
“We are absolutely delighted this year to announce Pando as the winner of the award with their innovative analytics platform that offers a customizable solution to the big data challenge”.

Winner Andrew Gadomski of Aspen Advisors said: “Thanks to HRO Today Forum, the panel of judges, and the in person and online audiences for recognizing Aspen Advisors and Pando. Pando was designed to help business leaders make better business decisions by combining data and evidence from disparate systems. Many HRO providers access dozens or hundreds of HR systems, and being recognized as a significant innovator by those organizations validates quickly our business value.”

To find out more check out HROToday EU iTalent Competition or Aspen Delivers Data Visibility…

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2013 iTalent Finalists

Congratulations to all our finalists. Please see below for a brief summary of the offerings, and a link to their promotional videos.

  • Cahootify a social recruiting platform combining enterprise software that supports employers in efficiently building and managing freelance talent pools with a professional network for freelancers to support each other on collaborative projects.
    Click here for their video -> “Play Video”
    Follow them on twitter: @cahootify
  • FreshUP – creates a structured natural language parse of CVs including a unique “fingerprint” and then trawls the web to collate online updates on that individual. It then provides these structured updates in a format that is compatible for 94% of all ATS DBs.
    Click here for their video
    Follow them on twitter: @dataFreshUp
  • Joberate – an intelligent intuition tool which lets you know when it’s the right time to make a job offer to a prospective candidate who has a social profile. This tool makes you a kind of ‘fairy godmother’ who constantly watches over potential candidates.
    Click here for their video
    Follow them on twitter: @Joberate
  • PathMotion– the first frictionless platform for organizations to involve their employees in the recruitment process. The Facebook app called ‘Career Inspiration’ is sold as a SaaS to organizations, and allows candidates to not only browse jobs, but also learn from the career stories of employees and interact openly with them in a Q&A fashion.
    Click here for their video
    Follow them on twitter: @pathmotion
  • Pando– is designed for big data in the HRO space. It is a breakthrough technology that eliminates the need for new systems, integrates with any database or group of files, and is highly customizable. It allows for other big data to be integrated seamlessly and was designed to compare metrics and measures across HRO accounts for benchmarking.
    Follow them on twitter: @MyAspenAdvisor

Others who made the 2013 Top 10 were KornFerry with Forte @Futurestep @Korn_Ferry, Viasto @viasto, Allegis Group Services with jobsUview @AllegisGroupSvc, Intunex with xTune @Intunex, and Fairsail @Fairsail.

iTalent 2012 Winner

3Desk, a marketplace for freelancers that work face-to-face, is thrilled to be selected as a finalist. We’re a young company that has had over 150k new users sign up in just 3 months and are excited about demonstrating how we aim to disrupt the temporary recruitment market.”

The 2012 winner was 3Desk, which helps employers hire the best freelancers, contractors and consultants. The business was recognised for its staggering growth, acquiring over 140,000 users in just three months; identifying a niche by focusing on people who work on location for a quality wage; and utilising technology to automatically connect people with opportunities and improve their profile through LinkedIn.

To find out more, visit

iTalent 2012 Finalists

  • Peoplefluent – A provider of mobile, social and cloud-based talent management solutions for the entire workforce.
  • Small Improvements – A web-based performance review system that simplifies 360 degree feedback, performance reviews, and setting goals.
  • 3Desk – a platform for employers to hire the best freelancers, contractors and consultants who work ‘in-person’.
  • Suited Jobs – a free app that provides users with a job fit score for their current employer as well as recommendations for future employment based on skill and workplace culture preferences.
  • Zapoint, Inc – Zapoint develops career planning and learning technology that lets companies build more effective partnerships between HR and employees.

Click here to view 2012 video
Others who made the 2012 Top 10 were RChilli Inc., GooodJob, JIBE, TribeHR and HRsmart.

2015 iTalent Competition Judging Panel

  • Andrew Baber, Managing Director, (UK) Ltd.
  • Max Blumberg, PhD, Founder, Blumberg Partnership
  • Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise, Publisher of HRO Today Global 
  • Russell Dalgleish, Managing Partner, Exolta Capital Partners
  • Kate Heath, Global RPO Lead, Lumesse

2014 iTalent Competition Judging Panel

  • Russell Dalgleish, Managing Partner, Exolta
  • Andrew Gadomski, Founder, Aspen Advisors
  • Elliot Clark, Publisher, HRO Today Magazine
  • Brad McCaw, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson
  • Vincent O’Donoghue, Co-founder, Social Talent

2013 iTalent Competition Judging Panel

  • Anton Derlyatka, Co-Founder, Talent Equity Ventures
  • Paul Connolly, Strategic Account Director, Work4Labs
  • Matt Charney, Managing Editor, RecruitingBlogs
  • Brad McCaw, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson
  • Calum Di Lieto, Deputy Editor, HR Grapevine Magazine

2012 iTalent Competition Judging Panel

  • David Andrews, CEO of AOI, Chairman of Host of Ideas
  • Andy Campbell, HCM Strategy Director, Oracle
  • Matt Charney, Director of Marketing, Talent Technology Corporation
  • Brad McCaw, Senior Consultant, Towers Watson
  • Fiona Reddan, Irish Times
  • Paul Hearns, Editor, Computer Scope and Executive Publisher,

2013 Video Highlights

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